Everton boss Martinez not giving up keeping Deulofeu

Everton boss Roberto Martinez refuses to give up on keeping hold of on-loan Barcelona winger Gerard Deulofeu.

The on-loan teenager was reported to have claimed he wants to return to Barcelona in the summer in a recent interview, but Martinez believes he was misquoted.

He told the Liverpool Echo: ᄀᄚI think he was taken out of context. The interview was on Catalan radio and the question was ᄀᆴWould you like to play one day for the Barcelona first team?ᄀᆵ

ᄀᄚThe answer is going to be, as a Barcelona player who has been there since he was eight, yes because thatᄀᆵs his focus and wish for the future.

ᄀᄚBut the interview does not imply he definitely will not remain here next season. He never said heᄀᆵs not enjoying his time at Everton. He has loved the test in the Premier League and being with us.

ᄀᄚWe all share the view that nobody will be prouder than every Everton fan, and person connected with Everton, to see Gerard Deulofeuᄀᆵs career has improved here.

ᄀᄚWeᄀᆵve benefited from having his talents with us.

ᄀᄚOur agreement with Barcelona was to have him for one season though and thatᄀᆵs where we are.ᄀᄆ



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