AC Milan boss Seedorf dismisses latest Balotelli controversy

AC Milan coach Clarence Seedorf has dismissed Mario Balotelli‘s latest controversy.

The striker missed Italyᄀᆵs game with Spain in midweek after suffering with a shoulder injury. However, the controversial forward took to Twitter on March 5, posing with a racket.

ᄀᄚIᄀᆵm not here to tell people how to use their own means of communication,ᄀᄆ said Seedorf. ᄀᄚFor you [journalists] this is news ᄄC that is a sad thing. What makes for news in Italy is a worry to me.

ᄀᄚThis is such a trivial thing. Who cares if he played table tennis? He had a six-hour treatment.

ᄀᄚBan players using Twitter? Unless there is a legal issue, I donᄀᆵt think you can do that. Iᄀᆵm not here to discuss Baloᄀᆵs behaviour.

ᄀᄚHeᄀᆵs done his recovery and is available.ᄀᄆ



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