Gervinho happy playing for Roma coach Garcia

Gervinho admits he has a good relationship with AS Roma coach Rudi Garcia.

The former Arsenal winger has rediscovered his best form under the Frenchman.

ᄀᄚThe Coach gives me advice and confidence,ᄀᄆ he told Le Matin. ᄀᄚWe share so much.

ᄀᄚHe normally just tells me to go out and be effective, make the difference, help in defence and score some goals.

ᄀᄚIᄀᆵm also delighted with how the fans have treated me. They have always been warm towards me, and seem to always think that something will happen when I have the ball.

ᄀᄚRome is a city that is in love with football.

ᄀᄚAnd with Totti I have completed synergy on the field. Sometimes we donᄀᆵt even need to talk to each other to understand what weᄀᆵre doing.ᄀᄆ



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