Lambert insists Bowery can have Villa future

Aston Villa boss Paul Lambert insists Jordan Bowery is still part of his future plans.

The striker is on-loan at Doncaster Rovers.

Lambert told the Birmingham Mail: ᄀᄚIt will do him the world of good. I think by everybodyᄀᆵs own admission the way Benteke hit the ground running last year, youᄀᆵd be off your rocker to leave him out really.

ᄀᄚItᄀᆵs hard for anybody to get into that No.9 shirt the way Christian has played.

ᄀᄚThatᄀᆵs the idea when you let people go out on loan to give them that game time and to get them used to playing. Thatᄀᆵs the objective of it.

ᄀᄚI think Jordan done pretty well since heᄀᆵs been out so youᄀᆵre hoping when he comes back he comes back sharp.ᄀᄆ



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